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If you are planning to shoot with us, or are arranging for one of your talent's to do so, please make sure the following is carefully filled out.

Let's get to know each other!  Having all the details prior to our shoot helps us to better accommodate you in everyday, from arranging for make-up & hair, or helping you simply plan your looks, our photography subject form is meant to fill in all the blanks and allow for the only thing to happen during your shoot -

is magic.

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photography subject form

It's very important to fill this out accurately & carefully.  thank you!

Shoot Details
Name *
Phone *
Where will the photos be taken place?
Not all inquires may be accepted, we do not shoot in all areas and all locations must be approved by South Beach Headshots prior to shoot scheduling.
For more information, please view our headshot styles in the menu.
Desired date of photo shoot
Desired date of photo shoot
Approx date of shoot
Is this an estimated desired date, or the exact ?ate needed for this shoot>
All guests are subject to approval and must be cleared first by South Beach Headshots.
For example, if the person being photographed is the one booking the shoot, please select "The Talent". If an agency or other party is arranging this, please specify.
If you selected Agency, please list the agency name. If you selected Company, please list company name, etc
Are there products, other than personal wardrobe, being placed in the shoot for advertising purposes?
Example: A jewelry line may bring the jewelry to shoot, a clothing line may bring their clothing, etc
Tell Us About The Subjects
If a section header is plural, (i.e., it says "hair color(s), or eye color(s), it's indicating two or more subjects in the same shot at the same time. If only one subject is being photographed at once, even if there are other parties being shot the same day (agency style), please list indivudually, such as (Rebecca, Brown Hair - Amy, Blonde Hair), etc
How many people will be photographed during our meeting total?
Example: "One shot includes [names please] Amy and Rebecca, another shot includes Amy -OR- "Each shot is with model alone individually"
Will there need to be hair or makeup on site?
Will there be retouching needed on photos?