model check-list

Whether you're arriving with your beautifying entourage, or alone for the first time on a professional shoot, being prepared is not only helpful, but a necessity to ensuring the shoot runs smoothly, etiquette results are furnished and the best possible experience is had.

Similar to traveling, preparing for a photoshoot is vital.  If you are new, it's no problem, we will help give you some pointers.  
After a while it will become second nature!



Think of the packing for a photoshoot similar to that of an overnight trip.  What would you put in your weekend bag to prep you, fix you up and cleanse your skin after?  

    • Bringing makeup-palettes that contain multiple different colors and shades in a condensed package/box can help save space and elevate clutter in your bag.  Don't forget your tools like eyelash curlers, hair irons, combs and makeup brushes.
    • Things like bobby-pins, baby powder, finishing face powder, skin lotion, tanning bronzer, baby oil (really helps skin glow on set), your current color nail polish (or clear), polish remover, eyelash glue, tweezers, etc.. can all help in last minute fixes.
    • Photoshoot fashion can be anything from binding & uncomfortable, covering or heavy and even barely-there!  We suggest bringing a fresh change of clothes whether it's a robe or just an outfit you feel comfy in to relax and look over photos afterwards in.  Socks, makeup remover wipes & hair-ties help, too!
TooWashed Out.png

Understanding Color & Contrast

Color, and more importantly; color contrast, is vital to showcasing the best features of the model and preventing them from being "washed-out".  This applies to the clothes they wear and the accessories they have on.  See some examples below.


Feature 3

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