how to prepare
for your shoot

Whether it's your first photo shoot, or your 100th, it's important to remind yourself how to best prepare for your shoot to get the best possible results.


the best plan is a well made one.

Here at South Beach Headshots, your ideal end result is our main goal.  To help make the most of our time and furnish you with the quality shots that get the job done, land you that dream gig or score that big interview, we'd like to suggest a few simple pointers to help organize your goals and get inspired!

Are you looking to shoot in our studio?

step 1 

know the goal.

The key to creating not just a beautiful shot, but a shot that serves it's purpose -- is to "know the goal".  Everyone's goals are different. For realtor's it may be to exude a trustworthy energy alongside sophistication, for models looking to create a new comp-card it may be to show their best features in a clear and flattering view and for comedians it may be to show their all their lively personality through a simple picture.  Knowing the goal of your photoshoot & it's photographs will help you come prepared.  


step 3

plan (and pack) accordingly.

Now that you know your goal and you've studied likewise photos, start planning. If you're in fashion, almost anything fun and crazy can suit for wardrobe as long as it fit's the bill, as there is no wrong or right in high fashion shots.  If it's a professional shot, choose colors that match best with your skin tone and hair color.   Once at the shoot, you and the photographer will evaluate the pieces brought and create the best possible looks!  Planning accordingly is vital.

For tips on what to bring to a shoot, click here to read our "Model Checklist".

Or on-location?

step 2

study likewise shots.

Now that you know your goal, study other photographs who have successfully executed the same goals.  Take a look at their outfits, facial expressions, jewelry and makeup and hair styles.  If you notice someone within your research with a similar look to yours (same hair color, same facial structure), take note to what they used in their shoot, as it may flatter you as well.


step 4

come prepared and let loose.

It's SO important to let loose during your shoot.  The camera captures everything.  Whether you're a seasoned model that feels comfortable with the textbook poses, or someone who prefers to let loose and allow the camera to grab those moments of candid gold, it's always important to be relaxed, confident and in good spirits while in front of the camera.